Viva la revolucion

Living in a digital age, it’s hard not to focus our attention on technology.  Every newspaper has a section devoted to it and there is always worldwide interest when Apple launches its latest gadget.

What we seem to miss in all of this is the social revolution that is taking place.   Like the French or the counter-culutral revolution of the sixties, technology is being used to affect political, social and economic change.  Just look at the number of stories on the role of social media during demonstrations in Tehran, Egypt and Libya.

If you can access the internet, you are a global citizen in a global village.  In a world of rapid change, the need to make personal connections and establish conenctions with communities of common interest is becoming increasingly important.

Even the Vatican has recognised the power of social media saying sites like Facebook don’t just share information, it creates communities.

One of the distinguishing features of this revolution is that knowledge and information is in the hands of its users.  And everyone is a user no matter what our age, race or background – there is something to contribute to the global conversation.

There will always be concern about misuse – telephones are used to make prank calls and emails are used to scam people out of money.  But consider how these things changed and improved our lives.

Viva la revolucion!

One thought on “Viva la revolucion

  1. Alleluia! Couldn’t agree more. The challenge for all educators is now keeping emerging technologies in day to day practice instead of ‘switching off’ kids as they enter their places of learning.

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