Cisco Education Leaders Forum

I had a wonderful experience this morning at 3am with around five thousand educators from across the globe during Cisco’s Virtual Forum for Education Leaders.  (To watch speaker sessions, you’ll need to register.  Videos will be available for six months).

It is amazing how quickly technology is developing to allow ‘just in time’ collaboration and communication.  As one of the contributers to the session on how we can improve education together, I was streamed live to the audience who could not only see me, but a panel of speakers as well as the slides that accompanied my presentation.

While all this was taking place, partcipants could also engage in a discussion with presenters via the virtual chat room.  I was able to participate in a global conversation on 21st century learning and teaching with presenters in India, Africa, UK and the US.

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco began by saying that education and the internet are the two great equalisers for bridging the gap.  He predicts that over the next decade, we won’t know what is technology and what is the education process.   Central to making schooling relevant will be collaboration and technology.

As I wrote in my previous post, these sorts of technologies are challenging us to re-think how we work.  I believe that teachers can address the challenges of making schooling relevant by building communities of expertise. Out of this collaboration (whether local or global) will come new definitions, understandings and transformations.

3 thoughts on “Cisco Education Leaders Forum

  1. Hi Greg
    We use a lot of this technology, especially some of these CISCO tools for collaboration, in our daily work in IT and you are spot on – it is amazing. It is great to see it now being used in other industries – we don’t want to keep all the goodies to ourselves in IT :). Thanks for the insight.

  2. We are only beginning to scratch the surface on this Neil, we’ll be able to do some traditional things so differently and make great savings. We need to stretch our imaginations and engage – not to be “standoffish” and suspicious.
    I haven’t presented to a 4000 plus conference nor reached many of the countries where participants came from. It does test the boundaries

  3. Greg
    4000 would be daunting – I can just imagine the chat log 🙂
    What I am especially pleased about in your story is that CISCO led the exercise. It is great to see technology companies taking a lead in showing us how they expected us to use their products, rather than us muddling along maybe only utilising 30% of the functionality. I wonder if there are other “partners: willing to help and at the same time showcase their wares. I am working at IBM and they have a very focused education interaction. I assume lits of other tech companies are willing to engage too.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences – it is very pleasing to see the work you are doing and the exceptional insights you have to education in the modern age.

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