Begin with the end in mind

Dr Jerry Weast – Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools.   Montgomery County has 144,000 students and approx 11,000 teachers in addition to 11,000 support staff – it is the largest school system in the state of Maryland.

Most impressive is the fact that the MCPS has been the highest performing system of schools in the US for the past two years.  When you talk to Jerry – you understand why.

Jerry has been in the business of K-12 schooling for over 35 years and took on his first superintendent position at the age of 28 years.   His success as Superintendent of MCPS has been covered by respected newspapers like the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

In his 12 years at MCPS, Jerry has implemented a coherent, consistent and strategic plan to improve leanring for all students.  Not only is performance data good for American students, it’s good for Afro-Americans, Asians and native Americans.

Jerry says that any system of schools should be able to achieve what Montgomery has done provided you know what you want to achieve – begin with the end in mind.


4 thoughts on “Begin with the end in mind

  1. Hi Greg – I work with Children’s Services in TAFE and have been following your postings with excitement for sometime now – gratefully thank you for opening out these issues for me! We have already been implementing many principles – and our results are SOOOO exciting.
    I would love an opportunity (sometime) to discuss with you some issues more specifically related to our work.

    1. john that’s what it is to be a learner I think. A good set of headlights are a good help and this is what I mean about having a sense of the outcome,but don’t be prescriptive about it

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