If you always think….

I’ll be in Glasgow later in the week for a discussion hosted by the National Centre for Professional Devlopment team on we get system wide change in education.  Joining me on the panel will be John Connell, Margaret Alcorn and Bruce Robertson.

Perhaps by coincidence, I was emailed the poem below by Emeritus Professor Richard Bawden (via South Australia Department of Education and Children’s Services website).

If you always think what you have always thought
Then you will always bring what you have always brought
And always teach what you have always taught
and always fight what you have always fought.
If you always think what you have always thought
You will always seek what you have always sought
Then you will always catch what you have always caught
and always wreak what you have always wrought.
If you always live by what is and never ought
Then your power will always be nearer nought.

Systemic educational change requires moving experienced teachers from a Descartes view of ‘I teach, therefore I know’ to learning ‘teaching expertise’.

From Bransford’s How People Learn:

Teachers need expertise in both subject matter and teaching…..teachers need to develop an understanding of pedagogy as an intellectual discipline that reflects theories of learning, including knowledge of how cultural beliefs and personal characteristics of learners influence learning.

One thought on “If you always think….

  1. I showed this poem to the rest of my team and Nicole showed me an inspirational clip from Oprah. It is a song by John Legend and the 1st part is about teachers.

    Quite inspirational and on the mark about the need for change…

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