Web 2.0 coming to a city near you

Ten years into the new millenium and Australia is about to get its first digital city – Parramatta.  Good to see western Sydney is leading the way.

Parramatta Council is working in partnership with Google, business, Telstra and UWS on a strategy to introduce ‘smart corridors’ around government, education and shopping precincts.

Rate-payers and visitors will be able to access information on local events, development applications, parking availability and provide feedback to Council.

Becoming a ‘digital city’ means responding to the needs of residents, workers, visitors and students.  It’s important that such a strategy benefits individuals as much as businesses.  Digital cities = informed citizens = economic and social development.

Parramatta can claim kudos for embracing today’s technologies but let’s also look to and learn from other leading digital cities like Stockholm, Singapore and Seoul on how we can better inform, educate and build collaborative communities.

The future begins today and the Parramatta City Council is to be applauded for taking this leadership initiative. It recognises that the old ways of doing things may not be relevant to living life and participating in society as it once used to be. Our school system is well positioned to be an active participant in this digital city.

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