We are the people

Schooling is complicated business – if it was so simple we’d have fixed it already.
Sir Ken Robinson

I’m not sure whether anyone has seen the documentary ‘We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For‘.  Released late last year, this is the UK’s version of Waiting for Superman – an honest and engaging look at why today’s world and today’s learner needs a 21st century school system.

Inspired by Lord Puttnam (Chariots of Fire), the film follows the lives of five teenagers navigating their way through the UK school system.  (It was screened last week on ABC2).

As the old adage goes ‘knowledge is power’. Momentum (thanks to the aforementioned documentaries) is building across communities and its our teachers, students and parents who are the people who must lead the change to ensure our schools meet the needs of today’s learners.  My only hope is that in seeking solutions, we don’t opt for shortcuts.

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