Banning connectivity

An interesting article in the weekend paper posing the perennial question: do social networking sites cost productivity at work?  (N.B I recall the same question being posed a decade ago when MSN Messenger was popular).

Kath Lockett writing in MyCareer (5-6 June 2010) cites a survey of the top 500 US Business in which 60% said the biggest risk to security was Facebook followed by MySpace and Twitter.

As one IT marketing expert in Lockett’s article asks, ‘are we so afraid that people are going to interact with others from their desk for free instead of paying thousands to attend a conference?’

Web 2.0 strategist, Ian McKee also explores the Five Reasons Companies Should Not Block Access to Social Networks on his blog.

The real value of social networking is that information and ideas are freely exchanged and available: the power of networks over the silo.  In this era of collaboration, we need to find ways of sharing expertise and practice, not looking for ways to block it.

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