The execution gap

I have always liked Stephen Covey’s pragmatic approach to leadership development.  In his vodcast on ‘The Execution Gap‘, Covey admits that most organisations find it difficult to translate high-level goals into action.

This is especially relevant to schools and systems as we struggle to balance the external demands and accountabilities with our core purpose – our goals.

At times we complicate these because schooling by it’s very nature is a complex task – it is easy to become distracted by the ‘urgent but not so important’ tasks of leading a school or a system.

It would be an interesting and useful exercise for school leadership teams to survey all of their staff around the goals – what are they, how much time is spent working on achieving the goals (according to Covey only 49%), how are the goals communicated, does everyone have ownership and accountability?

Covey points out, there is often a huge gap in understanding between leadership and those on the frontline who are responsible for the bottom line.

As we know greater the alignment between system, school and teacher, the less the execution gap.

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