Marco and company

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a class conducted by visiting Apple Distinguished Educator, Californian teacher of the year (twice) and internationally recognised educator Marco Torres at one of our schools.

Although I was only there  with the primary and secondary students and teachers for 40 minutes, it was enough time to see the level of engagement from the perspective of teacher and learner.

Using the Mac application, GarageBand, Marco demonstrated how seamless it is to integrate skills with theory, and how young people learn by doing. The children not only counted beats and learned about various instruments but they also saw how easy it was to create and publish their own original content.

Sometimes all teachers need is to see what is possible and to learn from the experience of other educators before they begin stretching their professional practice and understanding.

The school leadership team will be looking at how those teachers adapt the ideas and how they share that knowledge with other teachers.

Just before I left, I asked the children crowded around Marco’s desk what they thought of technology.  ‘Technology’, what’s that?  For today’s learners – technology is their learning environment.

One thought on “Marco and company

  1. Torres – always a class act.

    Keep spreading the word mate, sorry I mised you by a few weeks. Greg’s school teams are on fire, loved working with them and hope you did too.

    Great things going on in Parramatta

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