Asking more simple questions

All too often, we spend too  much time swimming in our own billabong when there is a river nearby that runs into a vast ocean of diversity, capacity and inspiration.

My thanks to Frank Crawford for bringing to my attention these links from Learning and Teaching Scotland.

These examples demonstrate the power of feedback in the continual school improvement cycle.

What we often miss is the role of parent engagement and feedback.  The Scottish and UK experience provides a good blueprint for engaging parents in the learning agenda and school design process.

What makes an excellent school?

What is good learning and teaching?

2 thoughts on “Asking more simple questions

  1. check out these similar sites:

    BBC UK
    Click the “Add more to this page” button to add/delete the content you want to see. You can also click on each content part and move around to suit. Very similar to An excellent design and structure.

    A History of the World
    An excellent interactive site designed for learning. Fantastic interface and design that allows everyone to contribute their “content” (Add Your Object), to the timeline. Simply fantastic.

    FUSE – Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
    Well designed and easy to navigate

    Well designed though I do not feel it is as accessible as FUSE

    ABC Difference of Opinion
    Well designed and simple interface making it very accessible

  2. “What we often miss is the role of parent engagement and feedback. ”
    .. and this continues to be the case where parent-teacher meetings have become optional in some of your diocesan schools. Some parents depend on your schools to provide a more complete education package than your average government school, such as those from refugee or war torn backgrounds.

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