TeachMeet 2010

As a system, we are looking into new ways of utilising technology to support teacher learning in situ.   One of the common complaints I hear from leaders is that in leading their schools they are often required to leave their school in order to share and learn from one another.

There is an explosion in the virtual world on sites like TeacherTube, YouTube of teachers sharing their work.  I think one of the real benefits is that it encourages teachers who were once reticent to open the doors of their classrooms to now share with a global audience.  Wouldn’t it be great if teachers shared practice locally and spread it globally!  As a system, the impetus is to find new ways of connecting and building on local experience.

One of my Scottish colleagues Frank Crawford recently reminded me of the educational conference TeachMeet. TM began in Scotland in the 1990s and offer teachers everywhere the chance to tap in to a conversation on learning and teaching. There’s a few happening over the coming months.

I was fortunate to attend one of these conferences last year at an impromptu GregMeet – a great experience and another powerful example of the virtual open classroom.

One thought on “TeachMeet 2010

  1. Great video Greg. Integrating the technologies with kids who have only known computers and social media is the way to go. But boy facilitating in schools is certainly a challenge! Thanks for the inspiration. Brad.

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