Douglas Reeves

Douglas Reeves has been in Australia sharing his common sense approach to school leadership and learning.  He made a powerful point when he said leadership doesn’t need more vision or strategies just more precision on what needs to be done and how to achieve it.

He refers to this as deep implementation: leaders needing ” a laser-like focus” on implementation plans, ensuring “non – fiction writing” in plans and provide multiple opportunities for success.

There was great discussion from the floor and in talking about using data effectively one participant cautioned that we don’t fall for the “data in – gospel out” trap. I thought that was a great line.

I had the opportunity to ask Douglas what his advice to teachers would be.  To view Douglas’ presentations visit Leading and Learning Center.

2 thoughts on “Douglas Reeves

  1. I attended Doug Reeves’ conference at the AIS in Sydney on Monday and was overwhelmed, inspired and a little chided by things I could do as a classroom teacher and aspiring leader to help students succeed. I was most impressed by the level of research he provided to concrete his points regarding deep implementation and I have been having tidbit conversations with various staff at my school since then. Were you at this conference? It would be great to talk further about the points he raised. Cheers.

    1. Pleased you also found his presentation full of rich insights. I was at the session in Canberra – Reeves is brilliant at presenting ideas in a practical and common sense way but it always comes back to evidence-based practice. I’m happy to continue the conversation here. Have you or your staff had any further insights?

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