Grown up digital

I had the opportunity to catch up with Don Tapscott last week. Talking to people who are pushing the boundaries really energises and stretches your thinking.

Tapscott has written the best-selling books Growing up Digital, Grown up Digital and Wikinomics; these are must reads for educators who want to ensure schooling is relevant to today’s learners.

One of the most interesting facts in his recent book Grown Up Digital is that the youngest digital immigrant in our school system is 11 years old. The eldest in that generation is 31 years old, which means that two generations have passed through our schools since the dawn of the digital age.

Sadly, we are still running schools as if computers and other technologies were a recent invention!

In his presentation, Don made this salient point – we cannot act tomorrow or next month – we must act today otherwise we risk losing another generation of learners. Our teachers may not have grown up digital but they need to understand today’s context to teach today’s learners.

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