Are we too protective?

Are we stifling creativity and expression in schools by being over protective of children?

Of course there is a duty of care to protect but at what cost to deep learning, imagination and self-expression?  Are our rigid regulations the reason why there is such a deep disconnect between school and home?

Valby Skole Denmark

In wanting to do the best for children, we have forgotten that their first learning environment is the home: kitchen, garage, backyard etc.  It is the communal dimension of learning with and from others.

Many schools are beginning to design learning spaces that support and enhance student learning but it is not as pervasive as countries with a strong design research base.

In Australia, there is great work being undertaken by Clare Newton from the University of Melbourne and designer, Mary Featherston.

The challenge is how we expose classroom teachers to the research and then how we engage them in the process.

One thought on “Are we too protective?

  1. I believe we are far too over protective. I suppose much of it comes from ensuring we abide by the various legislative requirements. However, it has been really exciting to come to a country where we are not so constrained and see teachers and students still happy to take risks (safe ones) and watch the excitement for learning and innovation bubble in the classrooms. I hope the pendulum will swing so we can stop being so ‘careful’ and allow experiential learning to rise again.

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