Reflections – part 1

We often talk about educational change in the abstract as if we can manage each part separately.

As schools contemplate the end of another year, I want to share the reflections of some of our principals and leading educators.

Michael Hopley, principal of St Monica’s Primary, North Parramatta recently reflected on his professional year in the midst of construction of their new buildings (thanks to the Building the Education Revolution stimulus package).

For me, this aptly illustrates how educational change is a dynamic process and how good leaders and teachers can navigate their way through the uncertainties by remaining focussed on the important things: personalising learning and improving learning outcomes.

It is terrific to hear Michael talk about how the system’s agenda is supporting and enriching their learning journey and how it has contributed to a greater understanding of the role of learning environments.

One thought on “Reflections – part 1

  1. Greg, a great reflection by Michael especially given a year of complete demolition and reconstruction of his school.

    Reflecting on Michael Fullan’s work you could say that Michael has well and truly engaged the “Breakthrough” model i.e. a clear moral purpose (learning is the work), supported by precision, personalisation and professional learning.

    Well done Michael.

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