Stairs and umbrellas

One of my former colleagues sent me a great example of how you can change people’s habits by turning something seemingly tedious into something fun.

On the same day, I also received an email from the principal of  one of our secondary schools who wanted to share photos of some of their new learning space (below). 

These spaces are not a response to the high cost of building and refurbishment but to careful planning and reflection by teachers on how to improve student learning.

Students working in teams on integrated, rich and diverse tasks require freeing up how teachers work as well. So new possibilities are emerging (try spotting the teacher – she is definitely there and working purposely with all the students!).

What struck me is that the stair and umbrella example are simple, practical and appeal to our imagination by making existing infrastructure (and learning spaces) interesting.  It’s low cost for high returns.

As we respond to crafting relevant learning experiences for today’s world,  we must continue to remind ourselves there are simple and effective ways to inspire and challenge learners.  

Imagination is key.  Does anyone have similar examples to share?

One thought on “Stairs and umbrellas

  1. Greg,
    top stuff,imagination, creativity and relationships are the key in a successful learning environment.
    Kids thrive here.
    Something I would like to master soon!!!

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