Tapping into twitter

It’s interesting to watch Twitter move from just another social networking tool to a powerful tool for professional conversations, social commentary and in some cases social change.

I started using Twitter this year and am amazed by the number of educators who are reflecting on their practice, expounding ideas and seeking answers to challenging questions.  

Clif Mims recently shared a link in his tweet: letters page from the NY Times on “What Makes a Good Teacher”.  It was a great piece that I would have missed and which may have only ever reached a handful of readers if not for the universal reach of Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Tapping into twitter

  1. Greg,

    I have been trying to convince teachers and educational leaders that twitter is an incredibly powerful answer to may of our needs, especially professional sharing.

    Who, of your colleagues who are systems leaders, across systems, are tweeting?

  2. Unfortunately mine is the same experience as yours, none. I can understand the lack of familiarity that people have but this is not an excuse for engagement. How can you lead a contemporary learning environment and not be at the very least interested in the possible uses. Too often people actually denigrate the technology

  3. Hi Greg,
    I have been using Twitter as a major source of professional development & resource sourcing, for a while. It is difficult to explain it’s uses & value to colleagues. The best way to find out is to join up & be part of the network….BUT I also know that I was lucky when I joined….I had a very well networked person give a shout out, (got some people to follow me) & direct me towards recommended people to follow. Gradually my network has grown. THIS is what makes the experience a success. Those of us who have the networks need to share and support our colleagues in this new way of connecting. My Twitter identity is fmanning. http://twitter.com/fmanning
    I am happy to assist in supporting colleagues and assisting if I can, in the development of networks using this tool.

  4. I have been using Twitter since April 2007, and through it have both found and shared the best information and resources that educators could hope to find! We become the best by connecting with as many good minds as we can. Our students become the best by providing them the best opportunities we can – and Twitter should play a vital role in helping this along. At least one person in each school should be a Twitter guru to help each school’s learning community build knowledge capacity.

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