twitter_bird_apr_09I’m amazed by the power of Twitter to turn one thought or comment into a million directions……

Reporting on how the Twitter phenomenon has changed the rules of engagement and social commentary, Steven Johnson writes (Time, June 2009):

We are living through the worst economic crises in generations…. and yet in the middle of this chaos…ordinary users are figuring out all the ingenious ways of putting these tools to use….here we are – millions of us – sitting around trying to invent new ways to talk to one another.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference in Perth where participants were engaged in a Twitter conversation within and outside of the conference regarding my keynote.

Last weekend, I was introduced to someone for the first time who told me they had been following me on Twitter for sometime.

How’s that for instant feedback!

As more people tap into the wisdom of the Twitter crowds, I am interested to see how it will be applied in learning spaces. Here are nine reasons why teachers should use twitter and twenty-two interesting ways to use Twitter in classrooms.

Twitter has the capacity to be a powerful tool for feedback (or Tweetback) particularly student to teacher feedback, which Hattie says is the most powerful form of feedback: teachers observing what students understand, where errors are made and when they are not engaged.

2 thoughts on “Tweetback

  1. Hi Greg,
    Twitter has so much potential for educators, its a key tool in my professional learning toolkit. The people I follow constantly provide me with new ideas to reflect on, engage me in great professional conversation and take me beyond the thinking of one system, one state and one country. The power lies in who you follow.

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