Independent learners

One of the things we know is that if you can develop your process for learning, then learning becomes deeper and more powerful.

I see this in so many learning spaces now as teachers begin from where the student is rather than what needs to be taught.

This is particularly challenging in the post-compulsory years particularly for students facing the HSC examination in subjects with clearly defined syllabus outcomes.

Occasionally this is used as a reason for maintaining the status quo instead of embracing new ways of learning and teaching. Katherine, an Ancient History teacher in one of our schools recently shared with me how she had been working with 17 HSC students.

Katherine shared the syllabus outcomes with her students at the start of the year and asked them to devise a suitable learning framework to cover the required areas. What the students came up with is absolutely fantastic. Their year 12 Ancient History course was conducted using Facebook (the students were using a technology they were familiar with and adapted it to their learning needs).

When you watch the clip, you see a teacher open to new technologies and excited by the level of student engagement.

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