Teacher conversations #2

I was out at one of our primary schools yesterday talking about working in agile learning spaces. It’s great when you hear practitioners reflecting on their practice and to see the obvious pride they take in their own professional contribution. 

One thought on “Teacher conversations #2

  1. It’s great to hear teachers put into words the key elements of their work. Here we see teachers acknowledge and highlight the importance of:
    – Collaboration
    – Communication
    – Flexibility
    – Learning directed toward student needs
    – Skill based curriculum
    – Delivery of the right support at the right time and
    – Allowing children to take responsibility for their own learning.
    Whilst not knowing the culture of professional learning at Mary Immaculate I know that at Holy Family Ingleburn we are having the very same conversations. We are building a professional learning community that is allowing us to validate our thoughts, hunches, knowledge and skills through action research that is classroom based student based evidence. This then sets the direction for future professional learning. Key to the current action research is assessment. Again allowing teachers to own what they do and recognising the impact they are having on their students.

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