5 thoughts on “Peter Singer

  1. Greg,

    I’m reading an interesting book at the moment: ‘Education’s End: Why our Colleges and Universities Have Given Up on the Meaning of Life’, by Anthony T. Kronman.

    He starts from a proposition that is at odds, I think, with Singer’s view of university teaching in the USA. He believes that American higher education long ago stopped giving students the chancee, as part and parcel of their undergraduate studies, to think about the fundamental questions around the meaning of life. This, he opines, has been caused over the past half century or so by a combination of overweening political correctness and what he calls the ‘research ideal’, i.e. the shift of focus in universities from teaching to research.

    A debate between Singer and Kronman might be interesting to listen to!

    1. The two authors are making the same argument: what is the purpose of universities and schools if not as preparation for lifelong learning, to encourage a reflection on life and a search for meaning and wisdom?

      In Australia, there is a social bias against liberal arts where the pinnacle of academic studies is law/medicine/commerce. Daniel Pink laughs about having studied law because his father said it was a ‘good career to fall back on’. Perhaps western societies have become anti-intellectual as educational models and student choice is driven by the demands of economies and the expectations of governments and employers.

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