Education for the common good

A great resource from Edutopia with Howard Gardner – Harvard psychologist and author of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ discussing some of the ethical challenges facing the digital generation and their use/misuse of digital media.

I concur with Gardner’s comment on the need for teachers to be role models providing ‘judiscious guidance’ in a digital age!

2 thoughts on “Education for the common good

  1. In fact, children are the natural resources of any nation and they are the pillars of the future nation. Their minds and attitudes are being shaped and moulded mostly by the teachers. Someone said: “Children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an indelible impression on them”. How true it is! Hence teachers are to be role models and to be positive people.

  2. teaching will become more difficult. interesting thought, true tho but only for those teachers who teach content and not through collaboration. teachers with a collaborative approach will be winners

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