Getting it right

Mark Kelly, the global head of education for architect firm Woods Bagot has joined the chorus of public school principals concerned about the federal government’s school rebuilding program.

In Tuesday’s Australian , Kelly urged the federal government to move away from traditional one-size-fits-all templates to more innovative and sustainable school designs that promote collaborative models of learning and teaching.

I believe these comments have helped move the debate on contemporary school design forward.   By bringing light to this issue, it forces school to think about what kinds of learning spaces are needed to promote/encourage collaborative learning.

However,  buildings and laptops are only resources used by good teachers to enhance learning and therefore improve learning outcomes. 

We know that if you begin with the fundamentals: good models of teacher development and you understand how today’s students learn, you can design agile spaces that support and empower teachers in their work.

Unfortunately, what is always missing from these debates is a fundamental element – pedagogy.

Contemporary learning spaces depend on contemporary approaches  to learning and teaching.  Sadly, it is futile building innovative learning spaces if teachers continue championing 20th century pedagogies.

4 thoughts on “Getting it right

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Again, we have opportunity. Again, we’re moving according to political rather than educational imperatives. Where is the bold vision?

    1. not sure what you mean here no a call to barracades but a recognition that only teachers can lead and implement sustained change

  2. In response to the article , all I can say is at St Agnes Catholic High School in Rooty Hill contemporary learning spaces and their development have allowed teachers to develop their pedagogy in collboration with staff and technology. The end result is an increase in creativity from staff, professional discussion occurring and students engaged in learning. Obviously, it is a work in progress and some respond quicker than others but the bottom line is staff working together and developing trust in one another. I can live with this and their shared vision for the future.

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