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Marco Torres 016

We had around 100 staff at a twilight session on Tuesday night to hear Marco Torres deliver an abbreviated version of his keynote at the Apple Leadership Summit in Hong Kong.

Here’s Marco’s presentation in a nutshell:

  1. teachers don’t like taking risks
  2. George Lucas (Star Wars genius) doesn’t know how to use email (see pt 3)
  3. teachers don’t need to know everything – build a powerful learning network you can draw from
  4. majority of 9th graders think school is boring – what would businesses do if clients described them as boring and out of touch?
  5. knowledge isn’t enough in the google age – it’s what you do with it
  6. Mythbusters is so popular with 14-16 year olds (9th graders) because kids are watching learning happening – it’s the process that’s important not the end result
  7. despite the introduction of ‘digital tools’ into classrooms, kids are still receivers not producers of information
  8. kids want to create – digital cameras have given them opportunities to make mistakes without consequences (think back to your schooling when writing outside the lines was a no no)
  9. 21st century skillset: communication and complex cognition
  10. our students will solve the crises of this century

One thought on “More of Marco

  1. well i love simple things, and marco has hit the nail on the head. often we get away from the simple things. people in the IT loop in schools are all frantically chasing the next web 2 app, the next blog the next tweet. doing simple things well are far more effective. loving this quick series on marco and his work there in sydney.. thanks blue yonder great stuff

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