3 thoughts on “Dateline – New York

  1. I think Joel Klein makes some good points though current research around the effectiveness of bonuses ($25,000) suggest they don’t always work. Having said that, the last point the student makes somes it up for me… “Teachers should, like, we should all have teachers like we do at Bronx Lab, those that care about us outside of the classroom and inside of the classroom. Those that want to come and help us be the best people we can be. The people that want to help us realise what we want to do. The people that want to help us realise that we are so much better than what our environment tells us to be sometimes. “

  2. It’s an interesting concept. I like the autonomy given to principals to ensure that what they do is right for the community that they are in. All that we do as principals should invest in the future of our students. The bonus is that our teachers will be rewarded whilst on the ride!

    It will be interesting to see what comes of Julia Gillard’s idea to bring this to Australia. We are a very different environment to New York city.
    I have contact with a teacher in New York and she believes it could be difficult for this to work in an “Oz” setting. Remember … one million kids in New York city (not state) including some of the lowest performing areas i.e South Bronx. However by all accounts the smaller learning communities with less admin within the schools is proving to be somewhat effective.

  3. Chronic underfunding of schools over the years have contributed in part to the current situation – as has teacher learning which was many one hit wonders as opposed to a constant in house coaching model where we use student achievement data to expose the wonders and the holes in student learning.
    I think and I feel that when teachers get the moral imperative of raise the bar and close the gap, when we use data to inform our practices and when we expose ourselves as learners in the classrooms that we make a difference.

    Sometimes we have to go back to get the feel of the moral imperative – as for the NY feel some parts ring true but closing schools is like giving up.

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