Food for thought

The Curriculum Corporation  has published the vodcasts from its 2008 conference held in Melbourne.  

There is a broad spectrum of influential speakers such as Stephen Heppell, Chris Wardlaw (former Deputy Secretary for Education in HK) and Michael Stevenson (VP Cisco Global Education) who introduced Education 3.0.

One of the most thought-provoking keynotes was from Valerie Hannon of the Innovation Unit in the UK.  Valerie challenged participants to think about schools not as institutions but as dynamic ecosystems contributing to, learning from, engaging with the wider community. 

Valerie provided examples of some schools in the UK where parents and local experts are involved in the learning and teaching.  See East Feast.

This ‘ecosystem’  represents a kind of educational nirvana in which everyone shares responsibility for the learning; school is an integral part of the community and learning reflects real-life experiences.

Now that’s food-for-thought!

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