To come and learn

If you are looking for some brain-food over the holidays, I recommend watching TED for some inspiring and insightful talks on just about any topic imaginable.

One of TED’s most popular presenters is American astronomer Clifford Stoll. What I enjoyed about Stoll’s presentation aside from his brilliant, agile mind is that he believes in the power of teachers to profoundly influence the lives of students.  He recounts his journey of discovery as a student and challenges ‘experts’ to return to classrooms to share their knowledge and passion with a generation of budding scientists, just as he does.

He concludes with an amazing story from his university days, recalling how he stumbled upon this inscription etched on a bell. It’s worth watching his presentation for…

All truth is one.
In this light, may science and religion endeavor together for the steady evolution of Mankind:
From darkness to light,
From narrowness to broadmindedness,
From prejudice to tolerance,
It is the voice of life that calls us
To come and learn.
– Anonymous

4 thoughts on “To come and learn

  1. Highly recommended reading, Greg.

    I had the good fortune to attend TED in 2008 and was blown away by the deep thinking, rich conversation and outstanding minds that gathered. It was particularly pleasing to see business minds connecting with education people and vice versa.

    We are seeing this sharing of minds / thinking across business sectors and (gradually) in some of our public schools. ‘Expert’ minds sharing their knowledge provide rich fodder for building on our strategic intent(s).

  2. One Ted talk ( not sure if it was Stoll.. ) quoted Arthur C Clarke: ” Any teacher who can be replaced by a machine, should be. ”

    Makes wonderful sense to me. Stoll is quite clearly a great teacher and it would be a shame to dismiss his ideas as being out of date. ( as his book seems to be ). The same issues arise now. I wonder how I may teach differently if I had the same money in my hand to invest from scratch that has already been traded for IT equipment.

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