Jason Smith, creator of teachertube is passionate about giving teachers an opportunity to share their ideas and practice with educators from around the world.   You’ll see that teachertube has become a powerful learning community.

For Jason, engagement and collaboration are the key drivers to improving schooling.  He told me he longs for the day when parents will plead with children to stop doing their homework!

3 thoughts on “Teachertube

  1. That day has arrived.
    I have to fight my daughter (in year 5) for the computer at night as she is switching from Quest Atlantis to tutpup to Cenet to her class blog. She doesn’t see any of this as “educational” but as a way to interact with her peers, her teachers and the world.
    I love teachertube. I use it constantly as a source for good ideas. Thanks Greg for highlighting this

  2. Robyn, it’s wonderful that your daughter is so engaged in learning. Our goal is to ensure the learning of every student improves. Too often, Web 2.0 is seen as destructive but you have illustrated how it promotes learning and encourages students/teachers to create, produce and share their work to a broader audience.

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