Candid conversations

I’m reading an enlightening book by Bennis et al called ‘Transparency’.  It’s timely given the state of the global economy and a perceived lack of transparency in government and large corporations.

The partnership of Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman and James O’Toole is an interesting one given Bennis’ long history in theory-based leardership and Goleman’s work on social and emotional intelligence.

The argument Bennis et al puts forward for greater ‘candor’ in organisations is by no means a revelation.  It is one of the basic tenets by which all organisations (large and small) attempt to operate. Some more successful than others.

doyouhaveablog231What is interesting in this book is the effect of social media or Web 2.0 on corporate transparency.  Bennis explains how the CEO of Starbucks is using blogs to find out what employees are thinking and doing.

The point that Bennis makes is that Web 2.0 has heightened the need for organisations to be proactively transparent with its stakeholders.  For the education sector, this means that many school communities are connected beyond the confines of the classroom and sharing their learning in new exciting ways. Blogging provides the capacity to  respond, react, contibute and critique all at the same time to multiple audiences. Such a powerful tool cannot be ignored.

One thought on “Candid conversations

  1. True that web 2.0 really made difference in our modern lives but we should also not neglect the fact that it has its downside as well.

    Such downside is that too many people push the benefits of Web 2.0 without taking the time to educate people about the problems. One of the key problems with Web 2.0 is dependence.

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