Counting the cost

I caught up with Keith Krueger in Parramatta this week. Keith is the CEO of the Consortium for School Networking in the US and was in Australia to give a presentation at the Australian Council for Computers in Education conference.

I asked Keith what his views were on the digital education agenda and the challenges that educators and school systems face in a knowledge age.

Keith says CoSN members accept that technology is not the panacea for improving educational outcomes despite the fixation by OECD countries on ‘high stakes tests’, which in turn leads to data-driven decision making. There has to be a greater focus on the nature of learning in today’s world and the new pedagogies to support this understanding.

The observation that Keith and many other critical thinkers make is that currently the US is home to innovative giants like Google and Microsoft and yet there is little focus on creativity, collaboration and community within classrooms. Given the rapid developments and new approaches to learning and teaching in emerging economies, how long can the US or Australia maintain innovation?

As usual some good food for thought.

One thought on “Counting the cost

  1. hhhmmm another good point to ponder.

    For US having those two big giants, I guess that they focus on other things rather than developing new approaches to learning and teaching.

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