A learning conversation

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our school leadership teams recently while they were discussing how to provide a relevant 21st century learning experience for their students.

Several things struck me while I was listening to their discussion:

  1. The passion that everyone brought to the table and a desire to deliver quality learning and teaching
  2. They are seeking collaborative solutions.  I heard questions like ‘how do we…what if we…can we try…”.  There were no questions such as ‘well the problem is….’
  3. We have such a diverse pool of talent in our schools.  It is important that we tap into, challenge and engage our talented teachers if we are to continuously improve the learning and teaching. 

The leadership team at St Anthony’s, Girraween have captured some of their conversations on leading, planning and learning with other educators.  Click here to watch.

3 thoughts on “A learning conversation

  1. i think i have a miss understanding, what exactly is a school leadership team composed of? it sounds to me as a team of teachers from one school. i thought it also included students in the leadership role aswell.

  2. Greg
    Cheryl speaks about informing the parents and mapping students progress. This has been pivotal in the success of open learning spaces at Holy Family. The teachers were able to show parents data on their child that demonstrated growth in all areas. The parents are now some of the greatest advocates. However, this didn’t come without a lot of questioning and explaining.
    It is great to see that St Anthony’s is also putting the teachers first in that their understanding has to be clear, they need to develop a common understanding that will enable success in this type of setting. It is when the teachers are clear about their role that the students will experience success.

  3. PMHS are now involved in Powerful Learning Practice with Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach + 700 school leaders from around the world. It will be interesting to see how much they are influenced by the global conversation that Will and Sheryl have started. Having done a few sessions now for them, talking to US co-horts, its amazing to see how their lateral thinking and experience in schools combines to promote sustainable change in the way teachers think about learning. I think leadership today is going to require a rapid and sweeping change to ideas of ‘management leadership’ – as many of the most inspirational educational leaders I know, are not ‘executives’. How do we harness and reward these people unless the terms of reference for a ‘leader’ are re-evaluated in the HR process.

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