Wisdom of the Young

Recently, we invited senior students involved in project-based learning (PBL) to address a meeting of our principals. A daunting task for anyone but these three students were able to clearly and honestly reflect on their learning experiences.

It was an important wake-up call to hear from today’s learners who could just as well have been from any school in Australia.

Their message to leaders of learning:

  1. Involve students in the planning
  2. Learning must be challenging and worthwhile (relevant)
  3. Ensure opportunities to share and celebrate their work with others
  4. Don’t think copying and re-copying material is good learning

It’s a pretty powerful message and reason why we need to change our learning paradigm. It was also interesting that they did not see technology as the rule but a tool to engage in deep learning.

One thought on “Wisdom of the Young

  1. Greg,

    It is good to hear the students feedback and this is always important. I agree that this change is a wake up call for many teachers. However, I think the mentality of students, parents and the community also needs to change. Learning in the 21st century is no longer about the content. The Internet has changed this aspect, however it is about the skills in order to find, analyse, evaluate and share this information that is important. I query how successful we have been in education in teaching our students these skills that will make them competitive in the 21st century workplace.

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