It’s an international phenonomen

Earlier this year, I spoke at the CoSN annual conference in Washington.  It was a great experience (see my earlier blogs). During the conference,  I was interviewed for a  public service campaign video to highlight the challenges of schooling in today’s world.  It proves the point that the challenges we face are global and urgent.

Take a look at the video……

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One thought on “It’s an international phenonomen

  1. On the subject of ‘change’ it is interesting to compare the “Preparing Kids for 21st-Century Success” video with this one “Progressive Education in the 1940s”. I came across it on Gary Stager’s blog post here:

    Weird huh?! Progressive, interdisciplinary education was mooted back then too. Who would have thought! Still I’d argue that OBE (outcomes based education) when used well by teachers allows for a multidisciplinary approach. Although, I was speaking with a teacher/leader today who noted that West Australian teachers have a natural aversion to sharing – let alone across disciplines; this hinders the whole approach somewhat! Also, are we wilfully ignoring the lessons of the past or are our systems simply morphing without focus to meet the economic needs of the times?

    But in the times of the 21C, what about the inventive needs of the knowledge economy where the right-brainers need opportunities to become equipped? I’m optimistic. Rudd is right. Empowering students with access to their own ‘digital pencil’ and the connectivism it brings is a good start, and will, with trust and time, help them form an aptitude for being creative, critical thinkers – hopefully with inquiring minds to boot.

    Looking forward to having you over in Perth later this week Greg.

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