An international educator

It’s sad to hear a passionate educator like Andy Schofield talk about the UK leading the world in under-achievement especially when there are so many resources physical and Web 2.0 to engage students.  Andy makes the point that the nature of learning is about understanding students. In fact he says it is all about the learning!

The focus for all good educators is on creating dynamic learning environments and sustaining them well into the future.  It’s a conversation we have already begun in our own system of schools. 

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, this is a global challenge, which requires us to work collaboratively by drawing on the widsom and experience of educators like Andy. As he rightly observes this process requires new ways of doing things and especially new ways of leading to deliver this agenda 

2 thoughts on “An international educator

  1. ‘…focus for all good educators is on creating dynamic learning environments …’

    if i can paraphrase a little..a positive and optimistic learning environment where there is reward for effort
    part of the dis-engage little reported is the ‘what’s the point!?’ attitude which the all pervasive media serves up..

    very very dark for impersionable adolescents…simpler/easier to join in the hedonist/ self indulgent please yourself, let tomorrow loom after itself.

    similar to many of their parents through the 70s and 80s ( and 90s..)

    what’s changed?..not much.though the technology is now quicker, and more pervasive..the good is very good…the other is just as bad!

    if the dollar is the focus, there are more instances of profit from distraction rather than intellectual effort than ever before…

    this in itself is disconcerting for adults..let alone adolescents forming a view of the world…

    optimism seems to be the key, energy.. enthusiasm, indefatigueable love of life and (self) improvement..and an ability to have and sustain an interest in others

    seems to have less to do with technology, than with self awareness..reflection, discussion, collaboration, sharing…hmmm…the ‘new’ web2.0/learning2.0 in sheep’s clothing


  2. It has little to do with technologies and a lot to do with learning. I refer to this in a comment under Alan November’s entry.
    I think you need curiosity above all else, that is the ability and interest to always ask about what and why you are doing what you do in schools. So much of existing practice in schools is merely a repetition of previous practice. Is this good enough in a world where all aspects of life are in constant change?

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