Welcome to never never land

I had a chance to spend some time talking to Stephen Heppell this week at the annual CoSN K-12 School Networking Conference in the US.

As usual, you get more in five minutes with Stephen than a week with some others. He is passionate about the future of schools and intensely positive about their future. However, as we know the nature of schooling has to change dramatically if they are to remain relevant to young people.

Stephen makes the point that we are in an ‘in between time’ at the moment. We know that the industrial model of schooling has had its day and the future will deliver substantial change. He describes schooling being “…like Peter Pan, caught in a never never land and not wanting to grow up”. 

Also have a look at what Stephen Heppell is doing with Microsoft.  Visit www.learnometer.net – it’s well worth the visit.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to never never land

  1. It is most frustrating to be trying to address some of these issues and to face resistance from parents and from the students themselves. I question what Stephen says about them knowing where this is all going, because we have done to good a job of indoctrinating them into the current, traditional system. As Keith Robinson has so eloquently said, we have successfully knocked all the creativity out of them. As some of us struggle to rediscover it, we face ridicule and outright horror that we might want to change things and move away from the industrial model. I love the Peter Pan analogy!

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