In the past two weeks, I have attended several award and speech nights at our schools.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with students, teachers and parents and to reflect on what we do and what we’re trying to achieve. xavier-students.jpg

I was particularly moved during a recent student performance (right) at the level of trust between students and teachers.  While infrastructure and pedagogy etc are important aspects of the learning agenda, I truly believe building strong, healthy relationships is what teaching is all about.

On that note, here are some of my observations and thoughts as another school year draws to a close….

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Greg
    I was pleased to listen to your reflections on the end of 2007. I think there are times when we can be so enthused about our work and the vision that we hold that we tend to lose sight of who we are for the students and their families. At the end of 2007 a colleague and I both received a Christmas message from a mother whose child has had several issues that have affected school academic performance, playground relationships and teacher relationships – that is from a school perspective. The message was quite humbling in it’s acknowledgement of our efforts to improve the school life of this student but what we didn’t realise was the positive impact that our actions at school were having on the home life of this child’s entire family. So how is this done? I believe that the work we have done at HFS in terms of Pastoral Care which incorporates the key principles of Positive Behaviour Support has been key in improving student relationships with their teachers in an environment based on trust and clear expectations. PBS is about intervening as well as establishing clear expectations for both teachers and students in terms of behaviour. It is a proactive way to develop social competence and therefore increase academic achievement. The road traveled thus far at Holy Family has certainly not been smooth or without meeting resistance from both teachers and parents alike but now on entering our third year working within this structure we can see a marked difference in student behaviour as well as the teacher/student/parent relationships. Our blog – – highlights parts of our journey and reflects on both the challenges and achievements we have made. It is heartening to receive messages such as we did, from parents who are struggling to meet the demands of children who “don’t fit the mould”. It is a true demonstration of our commitment to be partners in the education of children.

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