Kids Congress

kc.jpgLast Thursday, I officially opened the 2007 Kids Congress.  This dynamic event is held every two years and is an opportunity for students from more than 55 primary and secondary schools to come together to develop a social justice campaign using technology. 

I started out by thanking kids for their approach to learning.  They were excited about sharing and developing their ideas using contemporary technologies. 

It was terrific to watch primary students teaching others about podcasting and graphic tablets. Initiatives such as Kids Congress empower students and provide opportunities for authentic and purposeful learning.

Connected, engaged and inspired by relational technologies, these future leaders will be entrusted to work collaboratively locally and globally to find solutions to global challenges such as climate change and poverty.

7 thoughts on “Kids Congress

  1. The KC delegates were engaging the pressing issues of Social Justice and Enironmental degradation using the sorts of technologies that are going to be crucial for the future of humanity. When we realise that these young people will be in political power and, indeed, handing it on to the following generation as the mid-century approaches, and, knowing how difficult it will be to balance the need for greenhouse emissions reduction with the need to eradicate poverty and all that entails, then we, as teachers, need to ensure that the sense of urgency generated at the Congress continues to build by giving support to these students as they start to work at the school level to do something real to start to solve the problems confronting us all. As such, an argument can be made for the point of view that education is not a preparation for life in the 21st Century so much as an increasing engagement with life. Waiting until graduation from Uni before tackling the problems of “real life” was a luxury we baby boomers could indulge in when we were in school and uni in the 20th Century. I suspect this century will not be as indulgent to its cohorts of students…

  2. This was my first Kids Congress and I found the event a very positive experience for all involved. Running a workshop was a great learning experience for the student presenters and they soon realised that teaching isn’t as easy as it looks! The preparation required to facilitate our workshop was extensive but well worth it. Great work Nicole.

  3. Dear Greg,
    You should have witnessed the end – not only did the students have an exceptionally great time – the learning and the work that they produced was spectacular to say this least.
    This really is a unique forum for our students to to showcase their talent and have a voice on issues that are so important to them.
    A huge thank you to Nicole, she is an inspiration all those she works with, but especially the youth in our Diocese.

  4. It was a privilege, from a teacher’s perspective, to be able to attend KIDS Congress 2007. As this was my first Congress I wasn’t sure what to expect, however it certainly surpassed everything that I had heard about it.

    The KC delegates were completely engaged and really excited about sharing their opinions on social justice, environmental and political issues. It was truly amazing to work with such a passionate group of young people.

    There was a real ‘buzz’ in the air during workshops and it was wonderful to see students from primary and secondary schools collaborating on their project ideas using ICTs to develop a product to share with their own school communities.

    Congratulations to everyone involved in KC 2007. A special thanks and congratulations to Nicole Sprainger for organising such an opportunity for the students in the Diocese of Parramatta.

  5. It has been my privilege to attend each of the KC, I have and more importantly the children have always found it to be an enriching and rewarding experience.

    The four students I took along presented a workshop. The weeks leading up to the workshop required learning and preparing by the whole class. During this time all of the students were excited to know their work would have an audience beyond the local school community.

    One of the many highlights for me was watching students who did not know each other, prior to KC, join together, share ideas, justify opinions and develop creative ways to express their message – a truly empowering experience.

    Congratulations to Nicole and the Office for providing such a wonderful experience for our students.

  6. The students from Chisholm really enjoyed Kids Congress and are fired up to continue supporting Social Justice issues when they go onto secondary school next year. It was a phenomenal event and organized so well. Congratulations to all involved, especially Nicole Sprainger

  7. Congratulations and thank you to Nicole for organising such a wonderful event. Our students were engaged in exciting and enriching workshops. Their experience in attending the Kid’s Congress was empowering for the day and also for their ongoing roles as members of the school Social Justice Team. This enabled the students to confidently share their learning with all the other students across our school in well organised individual class workshops. Well done Social Justice Team.

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