New imagery for schools and schooling

acel.pngRecently I joined 1400 educators at ACEL’s International Conference titled ‘New Imagery for Schools and Schooling’ in Sydney. It was an outstanding conference in all respects. The quality of the input was amazing. Peter Senge  gave a presentation that I believe set a benchmark in its content and delivery. This was my experience throughout the conference.

We, as a profession, are lucky to have the intellectual capacity on show at conferences such as these. What I found outstanding was the honesty of the presenters who named the challenges we face in delivering schooling in today’s world. They tackled the issues squarely without blame or excuses and provided concrete strategies and practical directions.

My second observation was the obvious rigour in the research that underpinned the positions of presenters. These were not the shallow musings of  academics removed from the day to day reality of schooling. This was quality thinking based on sound evidence and excellent theory.

Finally, I was heartened to see  there is an obvious “narrowing” of the gap between the “theory makers and the practitioners”. The workshops, led by teachers showed the same rigour – referenced to good literature and evidenced-based theory. The dialogue and debate were robust and strong and I was proud to be a part of it. 

One thought on “New imagery for schools and schooling

  1. I could not agree more with your comments here Greg. The conference was exceptional in that I felt like presenters such as Senge, Fullan and Hargreaves had worked in my school! They were not only giving accurate research but also demonstrated a clear understanding of students today. Their work, I believe, can be translated into our work within schools. Whilst it will take a shift in thinking the more discussion I have with teachers, both in my own school and others, the more I hear and sense a thirst for change. This, in turn, will lead to a more engaged student body and a population of students and teachers who work side by side exploring, discovering and understanding together.

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