About Catholic schools

I am often asked why Catholic schools exist?  Quite simply, Catholic schools are good schools.  We have a long history in Australia (175 years) and currently, one in five Australian students attend at Catholic schools.  Aside from giving parents a choice in the education of their children, Catholic schools provide a rich experience for students, staff and families. 


It’s an wholistic approach to the development of the child not just academic, sporting or social but one nurtures spirit and imagination.  In an age where consumerism and materialism threatens our core human values, it is vital that our students develop a sense of citizenship, stewardship and solidarity.

I’ve started a series of short podcasts, which will be posted here as links over the coming weeks on some of the important issues such as:

1. why Catholic schools exist?
2. what is a Catholic school?
3. what is the intent of Catholic schools?
4. what Catholic schools have to offer the wider community
5. Catholic school leadership in a digital age

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