Bulletin Smart 100- top award

I attended a lunch in Sydney for the finalists of the Bulletin Bayer Smart 100.  I was honoured to be named the winner in the education category

There are some outstanding Australians on the list, any of whom would be a worthy winner. The recognition for the work we all do in schooling is great and I have been fortunate to be constantly challenged by so many colleagues over three decades in the education sector. All contribute to this award.

The diversity of the work that is being done in Australia is amazing to see at such events. We have so many talented and passionate people in so many fields of endeavour. They are young, old (like me), male and female. It just shows that everyone can excel when they set their mind to it.

There is no doubt that a major theme for all the 10 winners is their recognition of how Web 2.0 is reshaping the world and the challenges this presents in their fields of expertise.

For me, it is about making schooling relevant in such a world. Young people in living in a knowledge age need a schooling experience that reflects this reality. This demands that our  profession explore and try new ways of going about schooling.

hedleybeare.jpgMuch is happening already, but it has to become a universal commitment so that all can benefit. The award is made all the more special as it was judged by Professor Hedley Beare – one of Australia’s icons in education and has been so for some years.

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