York District with Michael Fullan

I have been in discussions with Michael Fullan about some ongoing support for the work we are doing in developing a system agenda for our schools. His expertise and insights are wonderful. 

literacyfair.jpgMichael arranged for us to visit the York Region School Board’s annual Literacy Fair – an amazing event. The District references all learning as a form of literacy in a way of sharing a “precise” focus for the schools.

The Fair is an opportunity for teachers to gather and share successful programs over the course of the school year. It is as team effort with several staff talking about what has happened. They must demonstrate (by use of hard data) the difference the program has made.  Here’s what Michael Fullan says….

I also spoke with J. Philip Parappally, the principal of Fossil Hill Public School who told me the Fair is now an integral part of the school’s culture.

Although it is held at the end of the Canadian school year, I didn’t see any tired or jaded teachers.  In fact as several said to me they can’t wait to try out some of the programs they saw during the day. Something must be right.


Directorof Education, Bill Hogarth (above) shared his perspective on the importance of the day.  It was obvious that Bill’s leadership and support is welcomed and recognised.

It was a privilege to attend; to see teachers sharing their craft with colleagues is powerful learning and reflects a culture of trust, collaboration and support. It was a celebration!

2 thoughts on “York District with Michael Fullan

  1. It is quite exciting to be able to look forward to working with Michael Fullan. His comments on the Literacy Fair should come as no surprise to us as educators. Sharing, collaboration and friendly competition have long been a part of a good classroom teaching. It makes sense that if we value these things and they work in the classroom with our students, that we should value them in the broader professional context. We teach our students to work in this way and it is time to practice what we preach – to open our classrooms and schools to each other so that we too can share what we do as well as learn from others.

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