On the road

On Tuesday evening I was in Canberra for the ACT Public Education Showcase Series 2007 . The ACT Department of Education hosts these forums on a range of issues relating to the provision of schooling in today’s world. My specific topic was “the built environment” but as usual I spent most of the hour discussing learning in a knowledge age. It was a great experience and engendered some good discussion and reflections from the floor.

ACT DET should be congratulated for staging these forums for the general public. They are serious about improving public sector schooling across the spectrum. Key to doing this is the engagement of community in the discussion. It seems to me to be a good way to  inform and obtain feedback at the same time. Too often education administrators ignore these sorts of opportunities.

6 thoughts on “On the road

  1. How does one engage the community when their are active attempts to disengage them by administrators/executive. How accountable are school leaders to the community?

    Communities are beginning to inform themselves and demanding change, but all some get are excuses as to why that change is not forthcoming.

    Can this be countered?

  2. Mark, I think this is the wrong question I understand why you ask it but it will always happen as an excuse to do nothing and maintain the status quo.
    I think we have to form solid networks of committed people and forge a strartegy that ultimaately mrginalises these sort of people, this way they become irrelevant. It’s plain hard graft but it’s doable since the kids in our schools are already there

  3. Parent and community groups can provide huge support (and challenge) for educators and leaders- in my opinion well worth the time investment. But they need to be genuine contributors to the conversation- especially in a time of innovation and new ways of thinking about schooling.
    Hedley Beare recently remarked at the iNet conference about the need for educators (across sectors) to be much more articulate in the public arena in explaining what we are about. The ACT DET Public Showcase series is a step in the right direction. Good to see their bigger thinking beyond their own sector as well.

  4. Thanks Greg.

    I’m certainly not looking for excuses to do nothing. I have a vested interest in education (2 children moving through), and would love to see “solid a strategy” I can see the beginnings of this already. I guess I’m impatient 🙂

    Scott McLeod at Dangerously Irrelevant just posted a series on “Change”
    You can view his wrap up here

    Love to hear your views (if you can find the time)

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