Why bluyonder?

For too long we have looked to the past to find the future pathways for schooling. I think it’s about time we looked to the future and the great blue yonder for our direction. This requires courage, daring and the willingness to be innovative. If I were looking for words to describe today’s learners in schools these three would be touchstones! You know why, well I think if we don’t schooling will become even more irrelevant in young peoples lives. The knowledge age has ushered in fantastic new poosibilities for schooling. Everything about the schooling process should be up for review and change. The world of web 2.0 and beyond beckons us on – that’s why I’ve started this blog…..

2 thoughts on “Why bluyonder?

  1. I agree with Mr. Whitby. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? ARE WE WAITING FOR OUR PAST TO CATCH UP WITH US? The past has taught us that it’s lagging behind the rest of the world. ARE WE GOING TO LEAD OR SUPPORT? If so lead, don’t follow!!!!! EDUCATORS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! AND START LEADING! Thanks, Greg for your pushing!!!!!

  2. The answer has to be speed Marco. it is too critical not to pick up the pace. We need great examplers to show how it can be done, you know you’ve seen them too.

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