Delivering on our strategic intent

We have just finished a two day workshop with our school leaders exploring how we will deliver the quality schooling needed in today’s world. It was both a challenging and exciting time as we gathered to develop a framework to deliver on our committment to make schooling relevant and meaningfull for every child in our schools.

This process requires new ways of working together and new ways of collaborating and workshop2.jpgcommunicating. As I explained at the beginning of the workshop yesterday, we need to rethink how we go about our planning processes because to make our schooling relevant in a knowledge era requires ensuring as much support as possible at the level that makes a difference, that is each and ever learning space in each and every school. Supporting the teachers as they go about the business of learning and teaching is critical.

We’ve tried various models over the years. Central Offices mandating and legislating for learning, schools taking complete responsibility for improvement and the like. What we have come to agree on is that it’s both the central office and the school working as a collaborative community of learners that will provide the way forward.

This has given us all some energy as we begin the exciting work of fleshing out the base framework which we developed over the two days. We are going to call together a project group consisting of school leaders, teachers and system people to work on this in the early stages. We’ll be using blogs and wikis to help in the broader consultation process within our system.

One thought on “Delivering on our strategic intent

  1. Energising learning in a knowledge era using Web 2.0 tools is a personal passion. Having leadership that recognises this imperative, and makes opportunities to develop a new framework is very exciting. Very collaborative and innovative times indeed! Thanks Greg.

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