In our practical commitment to the learning agenda we must never forget that this sits firmly within our broader Catholic educational philosophy.  Our Catholic understanding of the nature of the world and the human person informs our beliefs about the nature and purpose of schooling, and the most appropriately curriculum, learning environment and pedagogies that we employ in the pursuit of our shared mission.

We recognise the inherent dignity of every one of our students as a child of God.  This leads us to a positive view of the learner and to a commitment to helping all of them to become active contributors to their own learning, to developing autonomy and self-reliance.  We talk about the personalising of learning as a process for serving this intention.

For us, the school is not a business enterprise serving individual students.  Rather, it is a learning community which is located within a wider community of faith.  Hence, our commitment to teamwork, interaction and partnership.  An essential component of Catholic pedagogy is found in the powerful relationships  that are built on mutual respect and trust.

Our religious belief in the wholeness of the human person – body and soul, mind and spirit – leads us to pedagogies which transcend artificial barriers between areas of knowledge and experiences, as we seek to enhance learning and help our students find personal meaning in integrated ways.

Our commitment to the pursuit of truth motivates us to explore new ways of processing and sharing information and ideas, as in our application of the emerging technologies.  And the life-giving values of the Gospel provide us with foundations on which to build a curriculum which has the potential to humanise and socialise our students in the most profound ways.

Our Catholic schools share the common commitment of all schools to quality learning and teaching.  Our learning agenda, however, reflects an integrated worldview which provides special meaning and significance to our shared work.

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